About the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon, founded in 1876, is the state’s flagship institution. Located in Eugene, an energetic college town, the university offers academic excellence and hands-on learning opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere. Towering trees shade the 295-acre campus, where students, faculty members, and employees from a wide variety of backgrounds share a commitment to preserving the environment and pursuing innovation in more than 200 academic programs that range from Eugene to Portland and from the coast to the mountains.

In the city, on the coast, and in the mountains

UO in Portland: The UO's Portland presence gives the state's students and professionals even more hands-on opportunities in subjects such as journalism, architecture, digital arts, product design, law, and other, continuing education courses.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology: In the small coastal town of Charleston, the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) is a living classroom where small numbers of undergraduate and graduate students in biology, marine biology, general science, and environmental science study marine organisms in their natural habitats.

Pine Mountain Observatory: Perched on a remote mountaintop at 6,300 feet above sea level in central Oregon, the observatory is well placed to make the most of the dark skies that the high desert provides. The observatory, operated by the University of Oregon's Department of Physics, provides basic and advanced scientific research opportunities.