David Wineland working in a lab

UO lands a Nobel Laureate

A giant in the world of quantum physics, David Wineland hopes to use his expertise to inspire and support UO students and researchers

Quantum Thinking

The 'diamond ring' effects takes place just before totality.
Darkness Before Noon
The August 21 solar eclipse puts UO scientists Jim Brau and Scott Fisher in the spotlight with eclipse talks throughout August.
Eclipse Events
Student in a recording booth
School of

When is a classroom not a classroom? When it’s a world-class sound studio for the new audio production minor that starts fall 2017.

Turn It Up
DNA strands
The Future Starts Now
The University of Oregon launches the $1 billion Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. The Knight Campus is designed to fast-track scientific discoveries into innovations, products, or cures to improve the quality of life for people in Oregon and throughout the world.
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What's Happening

There’s a lot going on at the UO.

Committed to Inclusion

"... we will continue, with renewed vigor and commitment, our efforts to make this university more respectful, more inclusive, and more welcoming to people of all races and ethnicities; all nationalities and religions; all sexual orientations and gender identities; and all abilities."

President's Message

Access. Excellence. Experience.

One of our goals in the coming years is to redouble our commitment to providing a world-class education to every qualified Oregonian who wants one. Another goal: to catalyze a new era of creativity and discovery by attracting the best and most diverse minds—students and faculty—from around the world. And surpass even our own high expectations to become one of the preeminent research institutions, not just in the United States, but anywhere.