Undergraduates recognized for research efforts

Awards given for outstanding original scholarship using UO Libraries

When UO undergraduate Shelley Grosjean decided to research the establishment of lesbian separatist communities in southern Oregon for a history class, “Rethinking the 1960s,” she turned to manuscripts librarian Linda Long for help.

Shelley GrosjeanLong helped Grosjean, a history major, find original papers and periodicals, including the Tee Corinne Papers. Corinne was a photographer, artist, writer, and lesbian activist, and her papers include correspondence, literary manuscripts, artwork, photographs, artifacts, and other documents that reflect her life and work.

With access to the Corrinne papers and other collections, Grosjean said, “I found that I had more than enough source material to complete a comprehensive research project.”

The resulting paper, “A ‘Womyn’s’ Work is Never Done: The Gendered Division of Labor and the Creation of Southern Oregon Lesbian Separatist Communities,” was the among the winners of the 2011 Undergraduate Research Awards, sponsored by UO Libraries. Grosjean was awarded $1,000. Ellen Herman was Grosjean’s faculty sponsor.

The annual program honors UO students who produced outstanding original research and scholarship using resources available through UO Libraries. Students must make extensive, creative use of UO library services, resources, and collections in their research.

Other winners were:

The Ridgeline Oaks Team: Brittany Bigalke, Alex Park, Alexandria Russell, Kimberly Ertel, Matthew Liston, and Matt Silva

Their project: Oak Habitat Mapping and Monitoring in the Southern Eugene Ridgeline

Award: $1,500 (Team Project, Single-Term Research Project)

Faculty Sponsor: Peg Boulay, Environmental Studies

Course: Environmental Studies 429--Environmental Leadership Program

Acknowledged Librarians: Dean Walton, Science Librarian, and the Map and Aerial Photography Collection Staff

"The Science Library was the team's unofficial office. The library provided access to the general and reference collections for our research. Some of our major research tools were WorldCat, where we located one of our cornerstone resources, Agricola and BioOne. We also utilized the MAP Collection to retrieve supplemental aerial photographs, which provided a visual aspect to our historical research. The library resources helped tie the different aspects of our project together."

Hale Forster, “Comparing Common Versus Differentiated Goals in the Face of Between-Country Inequities”

Award: $1,000 (Single-Term Research Paper)

Faculty Sponsor: Ronald Mitchell, Political Science

Course: Political Science 477--International Environmental Politics

Acknowledged Librarian: Barbara Jenkins, Director, Instruction and Campus Partnerships, UO Libraries

"I used online library search tools, including Academic Search Premier and Web of Science, among others, to search international environmental politics and law periodicals for articles on the science and politics of the LRTAO protocols. I applied skills learned from psychology librarian Barbara Jenkins to more effectively use online periodical research capabilities."

Emma Kallaway, “Bamboo as a New Fiber Source in the U.S. Paper Industry:  A Feasibility Analysis for Booshoot Gardens, LLC”

Award: $1,000 (Thesis)

Faculty Sponsors: Dayo Mitchell, Robert D. Clark Honors College; and Anne Forrestel, Lundquist College of Business

Major: Business

Acknowledged Librarian: Kaiping Zhang, Business/Economics Librarian

"My project had many parts and the resources offered by the UO Libraries —in person, online, and in print — were vital to my success. … For business students, there is no one better than business librarian Kaiping Zhang. … She taught me a lot about how to develop a framework for a paper before diving into the search for good research. She also directed me to resources in our Science Library, and I worked with her to sort through my analysis of the industry research reports I was able to find using IBISWorld. I was blessed during my entire project to work with amazing advisors and librarians to find the most up-to-date and accurate information."

Nathan Yoder, “Legislative Gender and Trade Policy Preference”

Award: $1,000 (Thesis)

Faculty Sponsor: Bruce Blonigen, Economics

Major: Economics

Acknowledged Librarian: Tom Stave, Head, Document Center, UO Libraries

"This project began with the identification of roll call votes on trade issues in the library's hard-copy volumes of the Congressional Quarterly Almanac. My first step in writing the paper was to search for relevant journal articles using Google Scholar and the UO Libraries' OneSearch database."

The Undergraduate Research Awards are made possible by endowments established through the generous support of Barbara B. Sparks and Jon and Lisa Stine, as well as gifts from Walter and Gretchen Barger.