Charitable Fund Drive

Fund Drive Overview

Faculty and staff at the University of Oregon annually participate in the State of Oregon’s Employee Fund Drive. In 2011, the state-wide campaign raised $890,743. The University of Oregon accounted for approximately 26% of the state-wide total.

For the second year in a row, the University of Oregon was recognized among all state universities with an Award of Distinction for Outstanding Per Capita Giving by University Employees. Among all university campuses in Oregon and the chancellor's office, the University of Oregon accounted for 65% of pledges to the fund drive and 55% of all money raised. 

Make a Pledge

Faculty and staff wishing to make a pledge to the Charitable Fund Drive can do so on the state's giving website. You sign in on the web site as follows: Your username is your employee identification number and your password is your first and last name as used by payroll, all in caps. You can also pledge using a paper form. Please request a form from your fund drive coordinator. The fund drive generally begins the second week in October. It closes the last week of Fall term finals but pledges can be accepted until the end of January.

Who benefits? 

The charitable fund drive takes place every Fall term and allows university employees to make a pledge to over 800 specific non-profit agencies represented by ten umbrella federations. The ten federations include:

  • Black United Fund
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Community Health Charities
  • Earth Share
  • Equity Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Independent Charities
  • McKenzie River Gathering Foundation
  • Work for Art
  • Local United Ways

Other reasons to give

The Charitable Fund Drive provides faculty and staff with complete freedom of choice in charitable giving. In 2010, approximately 18 percent of all campus employees made a pledge. Pledges can be made to a single non-profit or any combination of more than 800 non-profits. Pledges can be made by payroll deduction, credit card, check, cash or on the state's giving website.
Individuals wishing more information about the Charitable Fund Drive on the University of Oregon campus should contact Lisa Williams in Human Resources.